Roll Your Own Cigarettes

Purchasing roll your own cigarettes and kits is a great way to save money, expand your hobby, and add personal flair to your cigarettes. At Rock's Smoke Shop, we believe you should enjoy smoking your way and not let yourself be dictated by the limitations of traditional cigarettes. With roll your own cigarettes, you can dictate everything from the shape and size to the flavor and tightness.

For those interested in flavor and freshness, rolling your own smokes is a great option to ensure both quality and taste. We also feature a cigar shop for those who love the hobby and want smokes for a special occasion. Much like our cigarettes, we carry a variety of different flavors and sizes. After all, you should enjoy the entire experience of smoking.

For more information, please call Rock's Smoke Shop at (646) 573-1030 or visit us in Yorktown Heights, NY. We love assisting our customers so don’t be shy about stopping by our smoke shop!