CBD Products

No one likes suffering from achy joints, sleepless nights, or anxiety and depression. For our clients seeking relief from stress and pain, we always recommend our variety of CBD products. Available in a myriad of different forms, you can purchase CBD in tinctures, as vape juice, and much more.

Why CBD? Research has shown that CBD products contain non-psychoactive cannabinoids that promote relaxation, pain relief, and even anti-inflammatory properties. Gentle and non-invasive, CBD products are often recommended for those who don’t want to or cannot take conventional pain medicines.

If you are new to our smoke shop, we will be happy to help you find the right CBD products for you. Although we do not carry flower, we can find you a nice glass pipe to compliment your choice of CBD products. We even carry water pipes if you prefer. At Rock's Smoke Shop, our goal is to help you thoroughly enjoy your smokes whether you prefer hookah or cigars.

For more information, call Rock's Smoke Shop at (646) 573-1030 or stop by today in Yorktown Heights, NY!